Live Streaming & KOL in China: A General Overview

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Live Streaming & KOL: A General Overview From KOL to KOC, the Chinese digital marketing sector is changing. Let’s see why live streaming is so welcomed in China and how European brands can use live commerce to their advantage From its first phase as a niche market populated largely by gamers and teens, the past […]

The New Frontier of Digital Marketing

The New Frontier of Digital Marketing Internet and Social Media have forged a new paradigm in the way we engage with customers. Let’s see some fundamental shifts that are shaping the Digital Marketing sector This pandemic year has seen a climatic mix of chaos, uncertainty, empathy, challenge, and opportunity, while e-commerce continues its upcoming momentum […]

How Alibaba Reinvented E-commerce Amid Covid-19

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How Alibaba Reinvented E-commerce Amid Covid-19? Let’s see how The pandemic outbreak has accelerated the growth of Tmall Global thanks to Alibaba ability to reinvent its online retail to better respond to consumers’ needs during Covid-19 From January to March, as the novel coronavirus outbreak raged in China, the country recorded a shocking statistic: GDP […]

E-commerce giant Checkout Charlie is focusing its business to Italy and Spain

Valutazione di una socita Ecommerce in Italia

E-COMMERCE GIANT CHECKOUT CHARLIE IS FOCUSING ITS BUSINESS ON ITALY AND SPAIN The Berlin-based e-commerce platform expands operations to Southern Europe. Spain and Italy have growing e-commerce markets that offer great potential Checkout Charlie, a company of the RTL Germany media group, is expanding again in Europe. The German company decided to invest in Southern […]