The Lab

This year, we will be creating two spaces as part of the “LAB”:



This year, we will offer an “e-commerce journey” experience, tracing the entire e-commerce value chain. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced e-seller, the objective is to give you a bunch of new ideas to improve your online presence!



Especially for the occasion of the forum, we will be creating a real live-streaming studio. In the LAB STUDIO, you will receive coaching from an experienced live-streamer! Although you know better than anyone your product qualities, our live-streamer will show you with your products and offer you valuable advice on how to showcase these products in a live-streaming session. 

Partners for the Lab:


We founded Nalios in October 2020. Our mission is to help businesses transform their produc8vity through efficient and innova8ve management tools. We firmly believe that Odoo is one of these tools, which is why we are an Official Partner of this incredible management soHware. Our obsession is to provide excellent service to our clients, both for Odoo implementa8on and for advice on managing their business. We have spent many years as func8onal consultants at Odoo S.A., giving us extensive experience in project implementa8on. We aspire to become one of the top Odoo partners in Europe in the years to come, and that’s why we count on you to help us achieve this.


At Brightwall, we empower SMEs to achieve digital excellence by optimizing their web performance and enhancing their digital strategies. Our goal is to boost your online visibility, generate high-quality leads, and ensure every aspect of your digital marketing is cohesive and effective. Partner with Brightwall to elevate your online presence, drive qualified traffic, increase sales, and enhance conversion rates.

VR Agency

The VR Agency distinguishes itself as a creator of elegant and customized websites, providing comprehensive support from A to Z to startups, freelancers, 

Oh! Medias

At Oh! Médias, we are driven by the deep conviction that the economic development of Wallonia hinges on the growth and success of its businesses. Our mission is to catalyze this growth by providing innovative and customized solutions that enable local companies to maximize their visibility and expand their market impact. By doing so, we directly contribute to the economic prosperity of the region, strengthening the entrepreneurial fabric of Wallonia and actively participating in building a dynamic and thriving community. Our approach is based on three essential pillars: the continuous enrichment of our team’s expertise, the design of tailor-made solutions adapted to the specific challenges of each company, and the establishment of a personalized relationship with regular support. This methodology ensures not only strategies that are precisely aligned with the unique needs of our clients but also a constant improvement of our services through the evolution of our team’s skills. Our offerings focus on providing specialized expertise in strategic communication and crisis management, giving businesses the tools and strategies necessary to successfully navigate a complex and rapidly changing media environment. To achieve this, we utilize various means including strategic marketing, audiovisual production, graphic design, and web development.


Wepika empowers e-commerce owner using Prestashop, from project inception through the growth journey.Our clients’ webshops have already generated over 150 million, thanks to our team of developers, designers, and e-marketers,  complemented with our “composable suite” featuring over 500 modules: ERP, POS, Marketing Automation, and more.