A Non-Stop E-Commerce Shopping Season?  Only in China


A NON-STOP E-COMMERCE SEASON? ONLY IN CHINA Chinese online shopping festivals are a great opportunity for cross-border brands, but are you sure to know all of them? Without doubts, Chinese shopping festivals are the backbone of the Chinese e-commerce sector. From the beginning of the year till the end, almost every month, Chinese consumers are […]

O2O for a New Purchasing Experience


O2O For A New Purchasing Experience The future of retail is not a question of channels, but of experiences. From “New Retail” to online-offline marketing, e-commerce giants are investing in O2O channels, with China as forerunner THE ORIGINS OF NEW RETAIL Today digitization is taking the world online and New Retail is replacing traditional retail. […]

Live Streaming & KOL in China: A General Overview

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Live Streaming & KOL: A General Overview From KOL to KOC, the Chinese digital marketing sector is changing. Let’s see why live streaming is so welcomed in China and how European brands can use live commerce to their advantage From its first phase as a niche market populated largely by gamers and teens, the past […]

3 Reasons Why B2B and LinkedIn go Hand in Hand

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3 Reasons Why B2B and LinkedIn go Hand in Hand If you are thinking of new ways to try and generate leads for your B2B business, here the three reasons to investigate LinkedIn when you’re next looking to advertise. Social media marketing is complex and every social media network is different. But everyone working on […]

The New Frontier of Digital Marketing

The New Frontier of Digital Marketing Internet and Social Media have forged a new paradigm in the way we engage with customers. Let’s see some fundamental shifts that are shaping the Digital Marketing sector This pandemic year has seen a climatic mix of chaos, uncertainty, empathy, challenge, and opportunity, while e-commerce continues its upcoming momentum […]

Cdiscount: The Perfect Bridge To Access France Online Market

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Cdiscount: The Perfect Bridge To Access France Online Market Without doubts, COVID-19 has changed online shopping forever. With 22 million active consumers Cdiscount is leading e-commerce in France “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world. The changes we make now will have lasting effects as the world economy begins to […]