How to write the perfect copywriting for your
e-commerce: some tips

What is ecommerce copywriting?
Ecommerce copywriting refers to the process of crafting text that convinces your target audience to: visit your ecommerce website, join your email list, or purchase a product.

Why a good copywriting is important for your e-commerce?

  • More conversions: finding effective ways to describe products and services naturally leads to more conversions. Including sales.
  • Buyer’s journey optimized: using the right words at the right time can help you deliver the perfect message at every stage of the buyers journey. 
  • SEO: using strategic keywords to increase your visibility on the SERP, effectively improving your position in search engines.
  • Impulse purchases: finding the right language for your e-commerce copy will help convey positive feelings in the customer, who will impulse buy your products driven by the euphoria of the moment.

In addition to adding quality images and an optimized UX to transform a simple user into a customer, your copy will be one of the fundamental components. Remember to highlight only the fundamental elements of your product, using language tailored to your target.

– Bold but reasonable language

One of the best ways to encourage a customer is to attract attention with catchphrases. Naturally you will have to prove the veracity of your claims.

– Focus on benefits, not features

Another truly foolproof strategy is to avoid dwelling too much on the features, giving more space to the benefits. 

– Focus on emotion

Always remember that most purchases are not based on objective thinking. Often, people buy something on impulse, guided by the emotions of the moment conveyed by text and visuals..

– Monitoring and evaluation of results

Finally, when approaching the copywriting process for your advertising campaigns, don’t forget to analyze the data and adjust the strategy if necessary.

Web advertising campaigns for your e-commerce

Considering the cost of advertising on search engines or on social media, it is good to optimize the copy of your campaign to ensure a good ROI. Targeting a well-defined target is not enough: you will need to redirect your customers to specific pages and make sure you convey clear and concise messages.

As you can see, there’s more that goes into the copywriting process than listing your product’s best features. The secret to high-performing copywriting is to listen to your audience.

Great copywriting is great research and great editing, more so than clever writing. So, ditch the assumptions and get your hands dirty with the research process. Survey potential customers, interview existing ones, and mine competitor reviews. 

It’s only when you reflect existing customer stories and provoke emotions in your copy that you create words that do their job: Sell.