Company Profile

GetFaster.IO is creating #1 German Online Mass Market Soft Discount Retailer with Express Delivery (“q-commerce”), growing amazingly fast. The company is 100% focused on soft discounter segment in Germany – 34% of European largest grocery market ($323bln, >2% CAGR), with only 1,2% online penetration (vs. 10-15% in UK / France) and >$600 monthly household grocery basket. After only 9 months after launch, we cover 44 cities, maintain weekly growth at >10% rate, got >15% wallet share with >3.2 orders per months frequency and crossed $7m ARR mark. Our unique blend of value proposition and operational model allows for reaching over 60% of German households, while serviceable market for classic 10/15-minutes grocery in Germany is only ~25%. Our goal is to secure leadership on German express delivery grocery market withing 3-5 years.