1st Edition

Cross-border through the BRI

The first edition of the EUCBEC FORUM focused on the best ways to engage with China in the Cross-Border E-commerce context, in order to fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by both Europe and China.


Technology evolves rapidly and the digital market follows it, stay informed on what the future holds for your business


Leaders from all relevant industries gathered to discuss the future trends and challenges of cross-border e-commerce


Representatives of the public and private sector from Europe and China participated to share insights and expertise.


A cutting-edge cargo infrastructure that is building a world-class smart logistics hub at the heart of Europe.


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The EUCBEC FORUM wants to become the first and most prominent platform in Europe where all the players can meet and exchange ideas, find new partners, share experiences and grow their network in this fast-changing global environment.

Thanks to the cooperation between Wallonia and Cifnews, it was possible to mobilize international resources and organize the most comprehensive event ever held in Europe on Cross-Border E-Commerce. In fact, all categories have been represented on stage and the most relevant topics in the field have been discussed.


Lying at the heart of Europe, thanks to its high-quality infrastructure, such as the Liege airport and its convenient land and water transportation, Wallonia (the French-speaking region of Belgium) is able to access a market of up to 500 million consumers within one day. It is a region naturally open to the world, a place with a liberal business environment without restrictions for foreigners. it is very export-oriented, making 70% of their turnover on exports as one of the highest export rates in the world (EU average: 30%). Wallonia has a large-scale economic influence and its businesses represent 0.3% of global trade. Besides, the region came 3rd in the list of most attractive regions for e-commerce distribution centers (PwC study commissioned by the Flemish Institute for Logistics), thanks to its low set-up and operational costs and unbeatable retail warehouse rent price.


The Liege airport is Europe’s 8th freight airport, it is home to FEDEX and it serves more than 200 destinations. The Liege Airport is situated at the heart of the Amsterdam-Paris-Frankfurt golden triangle, a highly dense area of production in Europe. All of the largest western European cities are easily reachable in less than one day by truck, which translates in almost 400 million consumers. The main runaway of the Liege Airport is 3,690 m long, allowing all kinds of aircraft to take off with full cargo holds. It connects a large number of airports in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania and over 66% of European freight transits through the airport. All these reasons make Wallonia the 3rd most attractive region for e-commerce distribution centers.


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