Pinduoduo: New Services to Diversify its Business

Shanghai based E-commerce Giant is ready to Release a Package of New Services in order to Beat Competitors and Diversify its business

Pinduoduo, PRC’s third largest e-commerce platform, is ready to diversify its business by launching new services. According to media, Pinduoduo launched a new WeChat mini program called “Duoduo Biyou” – Duoduo Compare the Premium. The platform sells high-end products recommended by lifestyle influencers. Users will be able to compare high quality products, read reviews and purchase them from a built-in store.

In the mini program, prices for certain products are even lower than on Pinduoduo’s main platform, which is known for affordable goods and group buying deals. This could suggest that Duoduo Biyou’s format is aiming to provide premium products at a low price, thus strengthen Pinduoduo presence in Chinese lower tier cities.

Having started by targeting customers in rural areas, Pinduoduo is now making efforts to reshape its brand and attract more urban customers. In March 2020, during the forced lockdown in China, Pinduoduo released Kuai Tuan Tuan – Fast Group Purchase – a location-based team purchase solution that connects consumers and their neighborhood shops.

According to the platform, Kuai Tuan Tuan has helped more than 10,000 neighborhood shops, by giving them online access to consumers in their communities. Moreover,  Kuai Tuan Tuan allows neighbors living in the same housing development to team up to buy groceries and daily necessities from nearby shops and merchants.