Dongqing Zhang

Cargo Development Manager
Fevia, Liege Airport

Dongqing Zhang graduated from KU Leuven University with an Advanced Master degree in Industrial Management, with a Major in Logistics. Additionally, he has held a Master degree in Electronics Engineering. He began his career at the European Headquarters of UPS, based in Brussels. Its international and multicultural working environment were instrumental in making this a perfect “school” to kick-start his career. Dongqing has acquired almost a decade of working experience in different departments within the UPS company, which gave him a deep understanding of the whole Express / Parcel Delivery industry, as well as building a wide knowledge of Operations and air and ground transport networks across Europe.    His next and latest career step was leading the creation of an ‘EU-China Logistics’ incubator – a project co-founded by both the Belgium government and the Liege Airport. The goal of this incubator was to attract Chinese logistics services/partnerships, as well as e-commerce businesses to Wallonian region of Belgium.    In order to better support and onboard these potential businesses and partnerships including Alibaba/Cainiao, he is currently integrated with the team of Liege Airport, a world-class and fast-growing cargo airport located right in the heart of Europe. Apart from focusing on Chinese-related business and operations, he is the product manager of the E-commerce cargo development and deeply involved into the digitization of the airport community. Last but not least also accountable for other worldwide logistics partners, who aim to join the Liege Airport Community.


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• Bert Selis, VP at Liege Airport
• Dongqing Zhang, Cargo Development Manager at Liege Airport