Belgium is the 24th world largest market for e-commerce with a revenue of €10.26 billion in 2020, with a decrease of 10% compared to the situation one year before, due to Covid-19 outbreak.

63% of the Belgian population have bought at least one product online in 2020, with a total spending of €7.5 million on the purchase of products. Last year the average Belgian online consumers have shopped more online but for a minor number of orders (126.8 million online purchases, with an average order amount of €81).
In fact, the closure of physical stores imposed by the government as a measure to contain the spread of Covid infections, brought people to shop even everyday products online.

Top e-commerce categories in Belgium in 2020: 

  • Fashion is the largest segment in Belgium in terms of revenue (31%)
  • Electronics & Media (23%)
  • Toys, Hobby & DIY (20%)
  • Furniture & Appliances (15%)
  • Food & Personal Care (11%).

The most growth occurred in 3 product categories: consumer electronics (+ 93%), household electronics (+ 92%), and computer accessories (+ 66%).

According to Be-Commerce, 2020 was also the year that the Belgian consumers got to know e-commerce for good: there were 200.000 new online shoppers in Belgium (consumers who bought online for the very first time).

Belgian customers prefer to use the local payment method Bancontact for their online purchases. In fact, Bancontact was used for the 45% of last 4 months of 2020’s online purchases.

Most of online purchases were done on a smartphone. Still, the laptop represents the most popular device for online shopping as it was used for 45 % of all e-commerce purchases, especially for bigger orders.