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The EU CBEC 2021 will feature speakers from established organizations, innovative startups, and experts in the fields of e-commerce, digitalization and cross-border trading. The 2021 agenda will display new consumers trends, e-commerce business models and digital solutions that will help SMEs grow their presence online.


1. We welcome applications from service providers as well as from brands & retailers;

2. Speakers from startups must be at a VP Level or above, with few exceptions;

3. Speakers from established organizations must be at an Executive Level or above;

4. We specify that speeches and presentations cannot be used for marketing/promotional purposes, but must be informative and educational for the audience and aligned with the themes of the Forum;

5. Applicants who are selected to speak at the EU CBEC Forum will have full access to the whole event, both online and offline, but will not receive any other guest pass. We do not cover speakers' T&E;

6. Application deadline is scheduled at November 19, any application sent later than this date will not be considered for this edition.

Complete the form below to apply to speak at the EU CBEC Forum. Given the number of speakers that could not participate to previous editions, we recommend submitting speaking requests as early as possible since we make decisions on a rolling basis. Applicants will receive a response from us indicating the submission was accepted or declined, within one week after submission.

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