"Alibaba Effect": Liege Airport, 362 million Parcels in 2019

Cross-Border is showing to EU how China and Europe have such great potential for exchanges. In 2019 a New Record: In Liege Airport the Number of Packages Touched +300 million

We have rarely seen that. A phenomenon almost multiplied by 1,000 in less than two years. This is what is going on at Liege Airport. From 2017 to 2019, the number of packages from e-commerce increased from 384,000 to 362 million. No doubt thanks to what some people call the Alibaba effect.

Once again cross-border is showing to EU how China and Europe have such great potential for exchanges and cooperation. As the european consumers confidence continue to grow, companies are seeking distribution centers to give them an edge in the market through accessibility and increased speed. The Walloon regional government in Belgium has responded in kind.

The Wallonia Export & Foreign Investment Agency, the Liege Airport, and Logistics in Wallonia have partnered to create the EU-China Logistics incubator using the Liege Airport in Belgium as a base. The incubator was the first of its kind in Europe and is supporting Chinese companies that wish to do business in Europe by providing services required by cross-border e-commerce such as access to logistics and transportation companies.

That’s why 362 million packages as result is not a surprise. The Liege Airport and greater Wallonia region hold a strategic position on the European Continent, located in the center of a triangle formed by Amsterdam (250km North), Frankfurt (300km East), and Paris (300km Southwest). While shipping via sea is still the cheapest but slowest option for Chinese companies, traffic congestion around Europe’s main seaports is making it less attractive. Wallonia has inland accessibility to air cargo and seaports like Liège, Brussels, and Antwerp, allowing companies to bypass delays.

Moreover, last year in December, thanks to the cooperation between Cifnews雨果网 and AWEX, the first EU Cross-Border E-commerce Forum was launched in Liege Airport. This appointment wants to become the first and most prominent platform on cross-border e-commerce in Europe where all the players can meet and exchange ideas, find new partners, share experiences and grow their network in this fast-changing global environment.

First appeared on Cifnews