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September 16

B2C purchasing habits
since Covid-19: What’s New?

How much has Covid-19 changed the way we purchase? The pandemic has brought about changes in needs that do not stop only on what we buy, but involve also how we buy. And guess what, these changes won’t be easy to set aside once the world will be back from the crisis.
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Sofie Geeroms

Managing Director|BeCommerce
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September 23

E-commerce & Food:
How e-commerce helped
local producers during lockdown

The Food industry has been widely affected by Covid-19 restrictive measures, and many activities had to adapt fast to the changes. In this second episode of our #EUCBEC Webinar Series we are going to define the challenges that the local food industry is still facing and bring out a few case studies of local producers that managed to digitalize their businesses and keep serving customers even during lockdown.

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Grégory Salemi

Attaché Responsable Business Club, Promotion en Flandre et Export|APAQ-W
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September 30

E-commerce Power:
The basics of digitalization

Digital channels are becoming the backbone of economic activities between European and Chinese companies, replacing trade fairs, trade missions and  business meetings for most of the B2B activities. Likewise, B2C companies are increasingly developing their activities directly with the final consumer, via their own brand eShop, social media, marketplaces and live streaming commerce. In #Episode3 of the #EUCBEC Webinar Series we will portrait how European and Chinese companies are managing this epochal transformation.

Giulio Finzi

Giulio Finzi

Senior Partner|NETCOMM – The Italian eCommerce Association
Claudia Vernotti

Claudia Vernotti

Co-Founder & Director|ChinaEU
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October 07

Online Platforms:
Discover Alibaba Group E-commerce Ecosystem

If you want to expand online strategically, you will need to adjust your business model to a variety of situations. Selling worldwide is not just a matter of marketplaces, but requires a network of digital services and tools working together. Alibaba Group functions like an ecosystem for digital solutions based upon Alibaba’s core platforms, each with its specific targets and peculiarities. In #Episode04 we will take a step toward the Alibaba’s system to give you an overview of what it has to offer for SMEs.

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Jennifer Wang

Head of Business Development – Food & Health EMEA|Alibaba
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October 14

Using Amazon Marketplace
to Grow Sales and Collect
Consumer Intelligence 

SMEs can increase sales volumes by taking advantage of the well established audiences and traffic that marketplaces generate. Many online businesses already leverage on Amazon to sell to its huge public, but only a few know how to use the tools that this cross-border platform provides to its merchants and are able to unlock its real potential. In #Episode05 of the EUCBEC Webinar Series we will understand the importance of key metrics to analyze consumers, know your audience better and achieve higher sales results with Amazon.


Stephan Pire

Head of Marketing & Supply Chain|LR Data Science
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October 21

Cdiscount’s Solution to Online Retail  

Marketplaces are becoming more and more important for online retailers. Not only they give access to huge audiences, but many of them also specialize on targeted market segments, such as DIY or reconditioned electronics. However, different platforms also mean different fees and operational modes, so is it really worth listing products on that many marketplaces? In #Episode06 of the #EUCBEC webinar series we are going to cover Cdiscount’s specificities and we will understand how SMEs can work with Cd in order to achieve better results online and stay competitive.


Yuanran Fan

Partnership Development Manager Asia|Cdiscount
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October 28

Logistics in E-Commerce:
How does it work?

In a more and more interconnected and digital world, e-commerce and marketplaces have become heavily dependent from logistics operators. Being it handled internally or through outsourcing, delivery remains one of the building blocks of any e-commerce strategy and therefore needs to be consistent with both the target market and the value proposition of the business. In #Episode07 of the #EUCBEC Webinar Series we will describe the different processes involved in logistics, from cross-border shipment to last mile delivery, while discussing about the new regulations and policies to be enacted in Europe from July 2021.

Rodrigo Tondo

Rodrigo Peñas

CCO & COO|Cacesa

November 4

Digital Marketing:
What You Need to Know Before Starting

Often disregarded by small businesses, digital channels such as social networks and blogs can help a company reach important sales targets and build up brand awareness. Targeting the right consumers on the right platform is key for SMEs success, however this wide range of tools is often difficult to handle by companies with limited resources. In Episode 08 we are going to lift the curtain over digital marketing best practices in a 45 minutes guide for companies starting from scratch.

Silvia Tondo

Silvia Assirelli

Communications Director|Velvet Media

November 12

Social Commerce:
Leveraging the Power of Social Media
to Grow Online

You need budget to make use of social media. Marketing budget is an investment that many directors or C-levels find hard to justify, even more if it involves social media. As costly as it may be, investing in social media could bring SMEs and Brands new value thanks to “Social Commerce”, a way of combining communication and sales without leaving social media. In Episode 09 we are going to present different approaches to Social Commerce on the most renown social media platforms, and help you understand this concept and put it into practice.

Olivier Tondo

Olivier Ponteville

Head of Media|Be Connect

November 18

How to craft Influencer Marketing
Strategy to Power your Growth:
Chinese Market as an Example

Social commerce is booming in China, and young European consumers are following the trend. Live streaming is the latest fashion in retail, as people are participating in great numbers to the streams of their beloved influencers across many different channels and industries. In Episode 10 we will explain you how live streaming works and how to integrate it in your online strategies to sell cross-border to European consumers, together with insights focused on the Chinese market.

Tan Tondo

Tan Xuan

Deputy General Manager|Atlas Hiseas

November 25

Yandex – Your Gateway to Russia

Russia has been growing fast in e-commerce and its population is more and more connected to the net. Because of its high-spending citizens, the Russian online market is full of opportunities for European Brands and SMEs, although expanding in Russia is no easy feat due to the high customs rates and strict regulations imposed to foreign products. In Episode 11 you will be able to understand Yandex digital ecosystem, Russia’s first search engine, and its online solutions to support small businesses in their internationalization strategy towards Russia.

Manfred tondo

Manfred Schlosser

Head of Sales & Partnerships – Europe|Yandex

December 2

Best Practices for Customer Journey to Increase Sales 

Why consumers should purchase from your e-commerce? Answering to this question is not always a matter of price nor promotion, but rather how well did you structure the purchasing experience for your customers and how you handle pre- and post-sales operations. In Episode 12 Prestashop will present us the best practices to follow for e-commerce, and we will hear the experiences of an agency helping merchants to sell cross-border.

Luca M

Luca Mastroianni

Head of International|Prestashop
Michela Tondo

Michela Petrinca

Digital Strategist|Calicantus

December 9

Understanding the Impact of
O2O Strategies on Customer Journey 

Combining online channels to offline channels is becoming more and more relevant in retail since worldwide renown marketplaces, like Amazon and Aliexpress, started investing in retail chains and offline shops. This tendency is bound to stay and is leading to a new way of dealing with pre- and post-purchase services, in a holistic system where each activity enhances the value offered to the customers. In Episode 13 you will learn how O2O strategies function and why you should consider them for your retail endeavor on a smaller scale.


Stephan Pire

Head of Marketing & Supply Chain|LR Data Science

December 16

How to Survive Online Shopping Festivals: A Guide for Retailers 

Black Friday and Singles’ Day are two of the most famous online shopping festivals, attracting thousands of consumers with great offers. However, participating to this kind of promotional activities is far from easy, not only because of the different rules imposed by marketplaces to each merchant, but also due to the sheer number of orders and shipments that retailers must handle in a short period. In Episode 14 you will learn how to properly prepare your workflow in order to avoid most hurdles and get the best out of these shopping opportunities.


Maria Amelia Odetti

E-commerce Consultant & Former Secoo Head of Business Development