The LAB AREA is a space for demonstrating and experiencing new trends, tools and technological applications that can not only increase the commercial performances of companies already active in e-commerce but also improve the customer experience for all commercial enterprises including traditional Retailers.

This year, “THE LAB” is composed of two different parts:

The Toolbox

The Toolbox is a 60sqm exhibition space where visitors can interact, discover and test the products and services of 4 European companies which are all leaders in their sector.

Haptic Media


3D visualization Virtual Try On and Configurator 
for your ecommerce/ Entirely Web and Cloud-based, our proprietary solution provides, through high-quality products configurator and ultrarealistic 
interactive 3D visualization, a new and immersive
customer experience design for mobile devices as well 
as aDynamic custom engraving/ hot stamping
andadvanced customization features  virtual photo 
shooting studio and Virtual Try-on experiences directly from the  e-commerce website product page.



Levita offers you to live an extraordinary and 
unforgettablevisual experience by enhancing
your prestigious objects.Our concepts, unique 
in the world, use the art of magic and levitation for 
promotional and artistic purposes to anchor a memory,
 product or work of art in your customer’s mind.
Our creative agency offers youinnovative solutions to
 showcase your products in unexpected ways and
 carries outtailor made projects in the 
image of your brand.



Verbolia is a traffic acquisition platform helping e-commerce leaders to rank at the top of search engines such as Google with the perfect SEO landing pages.



Our photography adventure started over 20 years ago. We set off just when the birth of digital
photography and e-commerce created new needs and exciting possibilities to showcase products online.
Digital content production creates the need for consistent, good-quality images produced in a short time
and at a reasonable cost. Traditional photography and manual post-production may yield high-quality
results but stay slow, complicated, and expensive.
Orbitvu takes the best from traditional photography and combines it with advanced software and
hardware innovations. We automate and optimize digital content production. We help to deliver it online
and effectively share in your sales and marketing activities.
As an international leader in the automated photography market, we work for you in a team of more than
150 employees worldwide, with our own research & development and 4000 square meters of Europebased
production spaces. Our carefully perfected solutions will cover all of your workflows, improve the
online product experience of your customers, and effectively reduce expenditure.
With Orbitvu, your products are teleported to your customers.

The Livestreams

Live-streaming studio is an online broadcast studio suitable for e-commerce. Visitors will not only be able to discover the technical configuration and equipment of a professional studio, but also discover the live-streaming sales sessions on TikTok operated by a professional team.



The studio is entirely at the disposal of visitors! Visitors will be able to step into the role of a live-streamer for a real online live session and test the studio’s equipment. The staff of "THE LAB" will also be available to visitors to give technical advice or even a quick coaching on "knowing how to speak in front of the camera”!



A Hiseas Company

Atlas Hiseas (previously Atlas International Culture) is a Belgium-based facilitator, designer & implementer for innovative Sino-European projects in Europe and China since 2013. Active in the sectors of Business Development, Influencer Marketing, Communications & Public Relations, Event Management and Audio-visual Co-production, we are particularly focused on creative & tourism industries and exceed at effective cross-sector collaboration to bring about revolutionary concepts. Strong from our merger with HISEAS Group (leading EU destination management group in China) and acting as a central contact point and a bridge in the EU-China creative and economic exchanges, we own an extensive network with affiliates and representative entities widely established in Chinese and European strategic cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Brussels, Paris, Budapest, Sofia, etc.