Company Profile

We offer training and coaching to entrepreneurs, students and jobseekers to improve their digital skills. Since its introduction at the end of 2015, Google has already trained more than 60,000 entrepreneurs through events throughout the country, through online training.


With the Digital Atelier / Atelier Digital training program, Google wants to offer small businesses and self-employed people from the metropolis of Brussels and other cities in Belgium the opportunity to make better use of the internet. 


The chances of going online are enormous. We know that it is more likely that companies that fully exploit these opportunities will be successful: they are easier to find online, can therefore be better found by customers, and they will gain more sales and higher profits. Google thinks it’s important that entrepreneurs / people use opportunities on the internet and digitally.


The program thus proves itself to be a growth engine for many Belgian entrepreneurs. We wanted to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to participate in the Digitaal Atelier / Atelier Digital in a low-threshold way and help them to grow by making better use of the internet.