Company Profile

Vandergeeten’s Beijing office was established in 1994, followed by Shanghai in 1997 and Guangzhou in 2003.


Vandergeeten’s core business is to select the best craft beers and confectionery products from Western Europe and make them available to the Chinese consumers. For over 20 years, not only has Vandergeeten been praised by European suppliers as a dependable corporate partner, but also Chinese customers have affirmed Vandergeeten’s high quality food and beverage products, its brands and its well rounded service.


Amongst Vandergeeten’s product lines, Belgian chocolate enjoys the most widespread domestic and international visibility. Others, like Dutch Droste Chocolate wins over customers in China with their graceful packaging and moderate price. Our flagship beer brands like Chimay, Delirium and Lindemans from Belgium, or Tennent’s from Scotland have all become hallmarks of imported beer available in China.


Vandergeeten’s top priority is food safety. We therefore hold our suppliers to the highest industry standards to protect our consumers. We have worked hard to gain and maintain our reputation for offering the best quality and safest imported food and beverages. At Vandergeeten, we closely follow every step of the supply chain from Europe to the consumers to ensure this safety.