Company Profile

OrderSom! develops custom services and solutions built specifically for businesses living through the Post-Covid era, offering a simplified contactless order experience with a bold vision to reduce the costs for small and medium-sized businesses going online for growth with the following features:

  • Order with QR code;
  • No app needed;
  • Waiting line™ screen;
  • Multi-role dashboards;
  • High compatibility with multiple payment gateways;
  • Bring offline experience online.

OrderSom! is a professional and efficient team formed by experts in the digital payment and software industry as project manager, product manager, webpage developer, UX designer, and marketing specialist. As your great assisting team, we are here to listen to your needs and help you to achieve your sales goal together! We provide more than just the software.

  • Project consulting – Build your online business from A to Z;
  • Customization – Dedicated UI/UX and front-end team;
  • Design & Photo shooting professionals;
  • Project operation and marketing support.